Quickly adapt processes, establish secure document sharing to respond fast changing business environment.


Secure documents and process information, stay compliant while changing rapidly.


Monitor and measure KPIs, identify bottlenecks, improve process performances.


Standardise and share best practices across business units and achieve excellence.


Managing the procurement process, from the request to the final payment, aligned with accounting and finance teams, involves many people, policies and workflows.

Improving the performance of an end-to-end, transparent procurement process while staying compliant requires the right digital automation tools.

PaperWorkBPM procurement solutions automate procurement processes integrated with the existing ERP systems, enhance collaboration among the departments to improve performance and ensure compliance.

We have a fully automated, transparent digital procurement process where we can monitor and measure performance and compliance, integrated with our local ERP system. We now proactively manage our budget rather than back-dated reporting.


IT Manager

KPMG, Turkey


Legal case automation can empower law firms to become more efficient and responsive through a centralized document and transparent workflow management.

PaperWorkBPM legal case management solutions allow law firms to access and manage all the cases and information easily and efficiently.

Real-time insights into case management workflows across teams and practice areas through advanced reporting and analytics, secure access to documents, reliable audit trail allow better governance and compliance.

Thanks to PaperWorkBPM, we don’t monitor our procurement budget; with PaperWorkBPM, we proactively manage it.
We can make profitability analysis of marketing activities, and control marketing budget.
We improved customer service processing time %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with SAP