Empower your digital transformation

PaperWorkBPM platform helps you achieve your company’s digital transformation goals by managing your content and processes on a single platform.

Now we have a robust process and critical dataset that we use for planning effective marketing campaigns. PaperWorkBPM drives us to make informed decisions on the type, timing, duration and profitability of the marketing activities. It helps us control our marketing budget.

Selcuk Ergul, PepsiCo Turkey

Visually design, develop  and deploy business processes

Digital Process Automation

Visually design, develop and deploy business processes using web-based process designer with drag-and-drop human and automatic activities.

Use responsive feature-rich forms, designed with Form Builder, for human activities to capture, process and approval of business process information.

BPMN inspired visual process designer with drag-and-drop, configurable human and automated tasks, and out-of-the-box integration adaptors require no code experience to create connected enterprise workflows.

SAP users can access to the documents that are in the PaperWorkBPM repository within the SAP user interface. SAP users now also can scan or upload documents into PaperWorkBPM repository within SAP. As a result, we improved customer inquiry processing time at the counter by %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with the SAP system.

Seda Karali, Enerya Energy

single view of documents across departments

Document Management

Build content-enabled solutions using unified document management and workflow platform. Leverage the power of robust, secure, and collaborative document management platform to capture, search and view content using the web and mobile user interfaces.

Be confident about compliance and security by using a unified document repository for your documents as they travel through departments, business processes and business applications across your organisation.

Use robust, scalable, secure and high-performance document repository to capture, manage, share and archive documents across your organisation.


Gain real-time insights and process visibility

Design and deploy stunning reports and dashboards using Visual Report Builder. Leverage standard process metrics reports enabling real-time monitoring of processes and KPIs.

Gain 360-degree view of processes with comprehensive standard and custom reports, charts and dashboards.

Business processes and content,

Use PaperWorkBPM native mobile applications to start or participate processes; search, view and upload documents on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Mobility

Access tasks and documents on your smartphones or tablets with native mobile applications.

Low-code Development

Automate business processes within weeks , not months

Rapidly develop process-based applications with low-code capability, through drag-and-drop design and point-and-click configurations. Create workflows, forms, data models and documents without coding to deliver interactive process applications.

Integrate with other business applications with SOAP and REST web services with visual click-and-configure components. Use C# or JavaScript for complex custom business rules.

Connect to business systems with no-code

Effortless integration with ERP, CRM and IT systems to share data throughout the enterprise using out-of-the-box connectors or SOAP and REST web service connectors with no-code.

Process Connectors

Use SOAP, REST or SAP activity templates to connect your business systems to create, retrieve or update data.

Form Connectors

Connect to business systems directly from your web forms to retrieve data (e.g. looking up customers, orders, etc.) using out-of-the-box visual components.

SAP Connectors

Interact with SAP applications and processes with the out-of-the-box PaperWorkBPM SAP Connector activity template and form component.