A better way to work with and connect to your SAP system

Interact with SAP applications and business processes with the out-of-the-box SAP activity templates. 

PaperWorkBPM platform provides cost and time effective way to develop custom process applications, integrated with SAP to automate decision-making and ensure compliance.

SAP users can access to the documents that are in the PaperWorkBPM repository within the SAP user interface. SAP users now also can scan or upload documents into PaperWorkBPM repository within SAP. As a result, we improved customer inquiry processing time at the counter by %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with the SAP system.

Seda Karali, Enerya Energy

Greater Agility and Flexibility

Visually design, automate and deploy SAP connected custom process application in weeks, not months and adapt to evolving customer and business needs at the speed of business.

Extend SAP applications quickly

Orchestrate and extend your SAP applications quickly and cost-effectively using out-of-the-box, no-code SAP activity template.

Build complex SAP process applications spanning multiple organizations and SAP modules (e.g., insurance claims processing, mortgage loan origination, sales and order fulfilment, etc.).

Let the information flow between people, processes and systems flawlessly with no-code SAP workflow activity template and visual process designer.

5 Forms of Process Integration between SAP and PaperWorkBPM

Cross-boundary collaboration

Create interactions with SAP at any point within a PaperWorkBPM business process and share or replicate information between systems.

Connect to SAP directly from your web forms (e.g. looking up customers, cost centres, orders, etc.) using out-of-the-box SAP adapter.

Users can access the information they need from SAP without switching applications and access their work from any browser or mobile device.

Greater Adaptability

Accelerate your operations, promote collaboration and improve the user and customer experience while running the business more efficiently.

Eliminate the need to switch between applications

Eliminate the need to switch between applications, offer secure, direct access to PaperWorkBPM processes and documents from within a familiar SAP user interface.

SAP end-users can access to PaperWorkBPM Inbox directly through SAP GUI to start workflows, review, approve and route tasks, view process-related documents.

Streamline SAP business processes

Streamline SAP business processes by reducing the time per transaction (e.g., finance, sales, support, etc.) and reduce errors by giving access SAP users to documents (e.g., invoices, product information, contracts, etc.) in a single document repository.

Provide SAP end-users access to relevant content directly through SAP GUI from related SAP business objects (e.g. transaction PA20, workflows, or others).

Complete SAP business process automation by integrating supporting documents with powerful features such as searching, manual and automated document creation, viewing, and editing.