Low-Code Powers Digital Transformation

Deliver rich and interactive, process-based business applications by developing data models, workflows, and forms with low-code configurations.

Adopt to evolving business needs at the speed of business

Rapidly develop process-based applications with low code capability, through drag-and-drop design and point-and-click configurations. Create workflows, forms, data models, documents, reports and dashboards without coding to deliver interactive process applications.

Visual Process Designer

Design workflows using BPMN inspired, web-based visual workflow designer with drag-and-drop human and automated tasks that requires no technical experience or skills.

Integrate with other business applications, either using ready to use click-and-configure adapters (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics) or using no-code SOAP web-service connectors.

Develop your connection adapters for your legacy systems or in-house applications, add it into activity templates and use in every process.

Develop your custom business logic using .NET and C# within a workflow, use PaperWork Productivity Layer APIs to access platform resources for any type of business requirements.

Visual Form Builder

Design powerful, mobile-ready web forms with with drag-and-drop components that includes simple fields, advanced fields, formula fields, data grids, e-signatures, location, barcode etc.

Dynamically show/hide or enable/disable form details, require input and model form validation logic.

Create complex business rules, pre-fill data fields, connect to web services and manipulate data tables using Form Wizard.

Connect to line-of-business systems and data (e.g. looking up customers, cost centres, orders, etc.) directly from your web forms using out-of-the-box SOAP and REST web service components or integration adapters.

When drag-and-drop isn’t enough, you can edit CSS, JavaScript and HTML to customise the components and form behaviour.

Can’t get enough complexity with no-code options, develop your very own custom form logic using JavaScript or C# scripting with full PaperWorkBPM PL (Productivity Layer) API access.

Business Rules

Eliminate hard-coded business rules in every workflow or form by creating a shared business rules repository to manage the logic and keep up with the speed of business.

Evaluate expressions and functions on-the-fly to confirm that they are executing as expected by testing them with the click of a button, before going live.

Visual Dashboard & Report Designer

Design reports and dashboards, ranging from a simple list to multi-paged items, with complex calculations, conditions, functions, and variables with Analytics & Reporting features.

Create and view reports, analyse data, and work with dashboards, export finished documents to PDF, Excel, Word etc., save them in a few clicks using the Visual Report Designer that does not require any programming skills.