Quickly adapt processes, establish secure document sharing to respond fast changing business environment.


Secure documents and process information, stay compliant while changing rapidly.


Monitor and measure KPIs, identify bottlenecks, improve process performances.


Standardise and share best practices across business units and achieve excellence.


Automate communications, underwriting, claims processing, accounts payable processes using PaperWorkBPM human-centric process and document management solutions.

Eliminate routine tasks by robotic process automation (RPA), improve performance and reduce process errors.

We process more than half a million broker inquires per year on PaperWorkBPM platform. We improved broker inquiry processing SLA’s significantly by moving traditional means of communication to digital inquiry process. We now have less than %6 SLA violation down from %40.

Nilgun Dogan

Anadolu Insurance

Real Estate Investment

Managing real estate assets involves dealing great amount of customer and administrative documents. Automating document handling within the processes improves efficiency and quality, reduce errors.

Capital Management

Automation in capital management helps customer representatives provide tailored service by eliminating inefficient, repetitive tasks.

Streamlining document management with automation significantly reduces the effort required for administrative tasks.

Thanks to PaperWorkBPM, we don’t monitor our procurement budget; with PaperWorkBPM, we proactively manage it.
We can make profitability analysis of marketing activities, and control marketing budget.
We improved customer service processing time %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with SAP