Quickly adapt processes, establish secure document sharing to respond fast changing business environment.


Secure documents and process information, stay compliant while changing rapidly.


Monitor and measure KPIs, identify bottlenecks, improve process performances.


Standardise and share best practices across business units and achieve excellence.

Customer Service

Secure, on-demand access to customer documents from anywhere is critical for exceptional customer service.

PaperWorkBPM helps customer services teams access customer documents within processes securely, improve response and resolution times, achieve customer loyalty.

We digitalised paper documents in our geographically dispersed locations into PaperWorkBPM. SAP users now can access documents within the SAP user interface and scan or upload documents into PaperWorkBPM within the SAP user interface. We improved customer service efficiency at the counter %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with our SAP system.

Seda Karali

Enerya Energy

Regulatory Affairs

Communicating with authorities, responding inquiries timely and effectively, achieving reliable audit trail and transparency within and beyond the company boundaries is a key aspect of an energy company. 

PaperWorkBPM establishes an effective way of communicating with regulatory bodies, institutions and other social and economic stakeholders by designing and delivering specific business processes and secure document sharing.

Thanks to PaperWorkBPM, we don’t monitor our procurement budget; with PaperWorkBPM, we proactively manage it.
We can make profitability analysis of marketing activities, and control marketing budget.
We improved customer service processing time %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with SAP