Build once, use on any device

Design simple or complex, multilingual, mobile-ready, responsive HTML5 forms and connect to other systems with browser-based no-code Form Builder.

Responsive Forms

Build your multilingual responsive forms once, and it will look and work perfectly on any smartphone, any tablet or any computer. Digitize your paper forms and use in your daily business processes.

Let your employees, vendors and customers submit forms in the workflows on their device, reducing paper and other offline forms.

Use your smartphone camera to upload images, use them in the workflows and store them in your repository.

Use feature-rich, mobile-ready, multilingual responsive forms to use in the workflows. Capture process data, display data from other systems and create approval screens for managers to make decisions.

Visualize your data in beautiful charts or graphs on the forms to improve productivity and decision-making.

Visual Form Builder

Design forms using browser-based Form Builder with drag-and-drop components, conditional logic and Form Wizard—no need to worry about technical skills.

Design powerful, mobile-ready web forms with with drag-and-drop components that includes simple fields, advanced fields, formula fields, data grids, e-signatures, location, barcode etc.

Dynamically show/hide or enable/disable form details, require input and model form validation logic.

Use Form Wizard to create complex business rules, pre-fill data fields, connect to web services and maintain data tables.

Edit CSS, JavaScript and HTML to customize the components and form behaviour when drag-and-drop isn’t enough.

Connect to line-of-business systems and data (e.g. looking up customers, orders, etc.) directly from forms using visual SOAP and REST web service components or integration adapters.

Can’t get enough complexity with no-code options, develop your very own custom form logic using JavaScript or C# scripting with full PaperWork PL (Productivity Layer) API access.