Transform customer-facing communications

Transform your organization’s customer-facing communication documents into customized and well-designed documents to delight your customers.

Retain & acquire customers, reduce risk & operating costs

Gain the ability to customize customer-facing communications within business processes to increase customer loyalty and compliance while reducing the time, costs and risks involved.

Right customer, right content, right format

Improve productivity and reduce risks by automating the process of combining process data with document templates; reach the right customer with the right content in the right format.

Document generation embedded in powerful workflow

Combine powerful workflow capabilities with on-demand or workflow-based customized document generation features to explore infinite opportunities in digital transformation.

Consistent, relevant, and cost-effective communications.

Improve customer experience through consistent, relevant, and cost-effective communications. Use a common document repository, eliminate information silos and quickly find documents throughout the enterprise.


A Microsoft Word-based editor to design templates such as correspondence, contracts using data from a variety of sources.

A familiar tool that empowers business users to generate customized correspondence and other documents, free IT resources for more appropriate work.


Automate on-demand and workflow-based document generation with customized, well-designed customer communications.

Generate documents (such as contracts, order forms, job offers, etc.) on-demand or as part of a workflow, based on the templates you design, merged with the workflow and system data.


Share generated documents with customers  via e-mail as attachments or as a public document link.

Thanks to embedded browser-based document viewer, have control over the documents shared via document links by setting permissions such as access restrictions, editing, commenting, downloading, etc.


Archive generated customer documents back to PaperWorkBPM to meet the legal retention and compliance requirements in regulated industries.

Generated documents can be archived to PaperWorkBPM in PDF format with the associated index used for metadata and search.