Unleash the Value of Your Content

Robust, scalable, secure and high-performance content repository to capture, manage, share and archive documents across your organization.

Optimal Decision Making based on knowledge

Use a single, unified content repository for consistent decision-making and governance across the organisation.

Store, archive and manage the life-cycle of your documents with robust, scalable, high-performance document repository.

Maintain control across all the documents with a centralized document repository for users working on different business processes and applications.

Granular Security

Secured access to content ensuring document confidentiality and integrity of records. Rights-based access control ensures that only the right people with the right privileges can access the documents – especially sensitive content that must be securely protected.


Create security policies based on your requirements with flexible and powerful Access Control Lists (ACLs) security schemes for any object (e.g. folder, file, annotation) in the repository.


Use the software-based encrypted document store to manage the life-cycle of your most important documents. Enjoy benefits of using 256-bit encrypted file-based blob storage to secure your documents.


Improve productivity by using internal messaging, file/folder subscription, chat and annotations around the documents.


Subscribe to the folders and documents you want to get instant notifications about any access, changes, deletion etc. against them.


Chat around your documents for different topics, get notifications about chat messages, access full chat history based on your security schemes.


Share documents with users, vendors and customers as a public link with embedded security controls such as expiry date, download restriction, annotations etc.

Document Binders

Combine multiple documents in multiple formats into a single record using Document Binding. Access all the documents in the same context (e.g. case, customer files, employee documents, order files, work order files) with a single search.

Context based access to the documents

Combine different types of related documents into a single document binder (as an organizational tool) while each document exists as an independent object.

flexible access to documents

Increase the flexibility of user access where multiple users can simultaneously check-out and maintain different documents in a Document Binder.

Security policies within document binders

Create folder structures within Document Binders, assign folder or document-based permissions through security policies.

Integrate with Any System

Use a single document repository across your departments and business applications, share documents across your processes without creating document silos and inconsistencies.

Create a single source of truth

Integrate with existing line-of-business systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, HR) , view multiple document types through a web-based viewer and provide a single source for content across a range of business applications.

Apply consistent security and governance

Ingest, search, view and change documents with central security and governance policies from different business applications into the central repository without needing a change of user interface.

Full API and Web Services for Integrations

Access all content services through .NET APIs, REST and SOAP web services to integrate with any system.