Unlock your SAP system

Access, create, store and view documents related to an SAP transaction without leaving SAP user interface; share documents with other processes by utilizing single document repository.

SAP users can access to the documents that are in the PaperWorkBPM repository within the SAP user interface. SAP users now also can scan or upload documents into PaperWorkBPM repository within SAP. As a result, we improved customer inquiry processing time at the counter by %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with the SAP system.

Seda Karali, Enerya Energy

Boost Your SAP Processes

Direct access to the content and processes from within a familiar SAP interface. Ensure governance and consistency of business rules for the content through bi-directional synchronization of content and metadata between systems.

Improve productivity, reduce risks

Content ingested from SAP applications securely stored and managed within the repository while content originated from PaperWorkBPM processes or other systems are available to SAP users within the context of their transactions.

SAP end-users search and view documents without switching applications fed from other processes or systems to eliminate delays and mistakes.

Share and collaborate

Share content across SAP modules and other systems regardless of where the content come from. Let non-SAP users securely access content and related SAP metadata.

SAP end-users and non-SAP users search and access documents using with powerful full-text search capabilities supported by OCR.