Quickly adapt processes, establish secure document sharing to respond fast changing business environment.


Secure documents and process information, stay compliant while changing rapidly.


Monitor and measure KPIs, identify bottlenecks, improve process performances.


Standardise and share best practices across business units and achieve excellence.

Progress reporting

Automate administration tasks, keep a clear view on all field progress and show real-time progress across your projects integrated with your CPM and ERP software.

Keep material requisition under control, provide visibility to project managers, cost-controllers and finance teams with enhanced collaboration through cross-site, cross-department workflows.

PaperWorkBPM construction solutions automate progress reporting and material requisition processes integrated with the existing CPM and ERP systems, improve performance and ensure compliance.

We have gained total visibility of our construction sites by automating daily progress report, substantial completion, subcontractor evaluation, material requisition processes as well as tens of other workflows integrated with our SAP system.

Mustafa Ozcan

IT Manager

Folkart Construction

Time-sheet management

Manage hours worked of employees, outsource workers and contractors; distributed to work items, projects or sites for detailed cost control and accurate payments.

Integrate time-sheets with CPM and ERP systems for progress based payments, cost analysis and financial reporting.

PaperWorkBPM solutions integrate systems for better collaboration, enable real-time insights into projects and work items across projects,  provide better governance and compliance.

Thanks to PaperWorkBPM, we don’t monitor our procurement budget; with PaperWorkBPM, we proactively manage it.
We can make profitability analysis of marketing activities, and control marketing budget.
We improved customer service processing time %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with SAP