Agile and transparent processes with central business rules

Gain agility, transparency and stay compliant with consistently applied business rules that are easy to access and easy to change by business users.

PaperWorkBPM Platform Rule Engine

Centrally manage business rules decoupled from processes to ensure process integrity, reliability, consistency and compliance without complex maintenance tasks.

Global Variables

Maintain agreed upon business-critical data across workflows, forms, and processes can become very complex as the platform grows.

PaperWorkBPM provides a centralized management interface to define and manage shared data across the platform.

Decision Tables & Matrix

Handle complex decisions through decision tables and decision matrix and make changes that will affect workflows instantly.

Use standard tables to easily create business rules via decision tables, or simply Import from Excel.

Global Functions

Eliminate hard-coded business rules in every workflow or form by creating a shared business rules repository to manage the logic and keep up with the speed of business.

Evaluate expressions and functions on-the-fly to confirm that they are executing as expected by testing them with the click of a button, before going live.