Real-time insights of process performance

Visual and clear displaying of your data for quick and accurate decision making.

Gain real-time insights and process visibility

Gain a 360-degree view of processes with comprehensive standard and custom reports, charts and dashboards.
Design and deploy stunning reports using Visual Report Builder. Leverage standard process metrics reports enabling real-time monitoring of processes and KPIs.

360-degree view of your business processes

Create a 360-degree view of your processes and data to make quick and informed decisions with beautifully designed, real-time data-driven dashboards.

Easily create dashboards that contain what is important and meaningful for you and your business without getting lost in details.

Visualise your data

Accelerate decision-making process, help business managers to make informed decisions about the business by presenting them accurately, easy to read and understand reports and dashboards that display the information that is important to them.

A powerful tool to transform your data into insights

A unified and full-featured designer for dashboards and reports, which includes a wide variety of wizards and ad hoc editors to simplify the creation and modification of reports, allows you to work simultaneously with report components as well as with items of the dashboard.

Report Designer for business users

Design reports and dashboards, ranging from a simple list to multi-paged items, with complex calculations, conditions, functions, and variables with Analytics & Reporting features.

Create and view reports, analyse data, and work with dashboards, export finished documents to PDF, Excel, Word etc., save them in a few clicks using the Visual Report Designer that does not require any programming skills.