Visually design, develop and deploy business processes

Design and deploy business processes using web-based visual workflow designer, empower business analysts to automate workflows with a powerful BPM.

Empower Business Analysts

Empower business analysts with browser-based, no-code workflow designer to design, automate and deploy workflows in weeks, not months. 

Visual Process Design

Design, automate and deploy enterprise-grade business processes using visual, web-based workflow designer with click-and-configure, no-code activity templates. Reduce the burden of your IT teams by empowering business analysts with a powerful workflow designer and automation platform.

Web-based visual workflow designer

Design workflows using BPMN inspired, web-based visual workflow designer with drag-and-drop human and automated tasks that requires no technical experience or skills.

Click-and-configure activity templates

Create enterprise-grade processes using click-and-configure activity templates, create documents based on templates, use feature-rich, responsive forms for data capture, processing and approval, and many more.

No-code integrations

Integrate with your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics systems, connect and consume any SOAP or REST web services with the click-and-configure activities.

Empower Process Owners

Empower process owners by giving them the control of their workflows without involving IT teams, eliminate bottlenecks while improving visibility and tracking.

Workflow Management

Deploy, change and manage workflows using web-based visual user interfaces without involving IT teams. Assign workflow administration responsibilities to the process owners.

Visual Deployment

Deploy workflows onto test, staging or production environments using visual deployment tool, manage dependencies and differences among platforms.

change management with versioning

Change workflows in real-time to fix errors or discrepancies with versioning capability, revert to a previous version when you need.

Workflow Administration

Re-route activities, re-assign or delegate tasks, stop, resume or terminate workflows in real-time without losing track of the processes with full auditing capabilities.

Empower Business Managers

Empower business managers with real-time insights into business operations, monitor processes and business data with execution performance.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain real-time insight into your processes with ready-to-use process reports. Monitor performance and status of workflows, track activities and users.

Track status of workflows

Access in-depth information on workflow status, including the history of each workflow along with the graphical representation of the workflow.

Get ınsıghts wıth workflow statıstıcs

Get detailed insights of your workflows, activity and user performances, task durations, average durations etc. with detailed statistics reports.

Monıtor process performance

Monitor process and activity performances by counts, durations and users against pre-defined targets.