Smart Digital Transformation

Transform your business with unified, low-code process automation and document management platform

Customer Stories

Hear a few examples of how we helped our customers on their digital transformation journey with our platform and services.

Thanks to PaperWorkBPM, we don’t monitor our procurement budget; with PaperWorkBPM, we proactively manage it.
We can make profitability analysis of marketing activities, and control marketing budget.
We improved customer service processing time %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with SAP

Increase process visibility, accelerate digital transformation

Use PaperWorkBPM to have visibility on all business processes and tasks. Monitor and control process performance with advanced analytics and reporting to gain real-time insights.

Automate processes, connect people and systems

Eliminate manual tasks and data silos; connect systems, people, and work on one platform while improving visibility for processes.

Capture data using feature-rich responsive forms

Create feature-rich responsive forms connected to any system and available on any device without coding  to capture the right data at the right time.

Agile digital process automation delivery

Design, automate and deploy workflows in weeks, not months and adopt to evolving customer and business needs at the speed of business.

A single platform to create, collaborate and manage your content

Unleash the value of your content with unified document management and workflow platform. Build content-enabled solutions to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, minimise risk and accelerate digital transformation.

Manage the entire lifecycle of your documents

Capture, store, retrieve and dispose of all types of document formats coming from various sources, ensuring security and integrity.

Create a unified view of documents

Integrate with existing line-of-business systems, view multiple document types through a web-based viewer and provide a single source for content across a range of business applications.

Gain control and visibility

Robust user permissions on your content so that everyone has access to the information relevant to them. Track and capture every action in audit logs to meet compliance requirements.

PaperWorkBPM Platform

A unified platform that gives you an edge on digital transformation efforts of your processes and documents by providing the most needed features with low-code support.

Human-centric, robust workflow engine with web-based, drag-and-drop and point and configure visual designer

Responsive forms that run on any device to create complex data-rich applications using drag-and-drop components

Robust, scalable, high-performance document repository to store, archive and manage the life-cycle of documents

Rich, fit for purpose documents, created on-the-fly, using metadata, process and system data

The easiest way to participate in processes and cases without having to leave your favourite e-mail client

Native apps to start or involve processes, search, view and upload documents on your smartphone or tablet

Click-and-configure, no-code adapters to integrate with other business applications via SOAP and REST web services

Out-of-the-box PaperWork SAP Connector activity templates to interact with SAP applications and business processes


Financial Services

Fast changing market landscape requires agile development of new services and products. Digital automation can foster delivery of new services and products with human-centric process solutions.


Adapt a collaborative new product development processes to drive growth and sustainability. Bring marketing and sales teams together.


Sustainable and more environment friendly energy initiatives need efficient use of resources at every level of operations of an energy company. PaperWorkBPM provides methods and technologies…

Professional Services

Digital automation solutions that streamline business processes, cultivate maximum productivity and achieve transparency.


Digital technologies have a big part to play in the delivery of health care services. Accessing the right data can provide patients with the benefit of better care while eliminating the risk of missing out on critical care.


Construction management is no easy task; streamline progress reporting, overseeing subcontractors, field crews and schedules, materials and equipment using PaperWorkBPM.

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